A New Service for PDF Publishers
An effective way of boosting PDF distribution!


Great for the tourist industry, arts, fashion & lifestyle promotion, for museums, hotels, artists, sports, the automotive industry... Let's say that you wish to promote a museum or a gallery exhibition, or a tourist destination. You create a virtual tour, print a catalogue or a brochure, and make a PDF version of it. You upload it all to your website, and share on social networks.
You hope that people will like and share your content, and some surely will! But, note that "your" in the previous sentence. "Your content"!
How about making it their content, too?
There are people looking for high-quality content that they could use for their own promotion. They may be interested in licensing your PDF brochure, catalogue, or guide! Even more so if they are allowed to link it to their own business offer, or include a gift!
Through PDF2Go.Club, you can offer your PDF brochures for co-branding to boost your distribution by giving people an extra reason to share! Or you can earn money by selling royalty-free distribution rights for your creation!

Something to learn from the real world!


You will often see a space on the backs of brochures where the agents, distributors or repair shops would place their sticker, and hand the brochures out as their own. This was good for both the company that printed the brochure, and the partners handing them out. It boosted distribution and brought more business to all sides involved.

We have brought this functionality to the virtual world with PDF2Go.Club! Now you can let your partners add their contact information, a logo or even a full-page ad at the end of your brochure! That way the brochure becomes their direct promotional tool too, and they're likely to be more inclined to invest effort in its distribution.

For Promotional Material Distributors


If you want to boost the distribution of your own promotional materials, subscribe to PDF2Go.Club and let your partners add their logo and contact information to the back.
A few examples:
- A household appliance manufacturer creates a product catalog or a product brochure in the form of a PDF file and enables resellers and repair shops to add their logo and contact information to the back at no charge. Resellers and workshops then distribute the catalog or brochure as their own advertising material and at the same time advertise the original manufacturer and its products.
- A regional tourist board produces a destination brochure and allows hotels and travel agencies to add their logo and contact information to the back covers at no charge. The brochure becomes the hotel's and the travel agency's own promotional material, which encourages its mutually beneficial distribution.

For Creative Content Authors


If you produce high-quality, well-designed and well-written brochures that some companies would be happy to include in their marketing mix, you can make money by licensing your material through PDF2Go.Club!
A few examples:
- A photographer creates a tourist destination guide and offers this content to hotels and travel agencies under the terms of a non-exclusive royalty-free license agreement for a fee. The hotels and travel agencies are then allowed to add their logo and contact information to the back covers, and distribute this material for their own promotion.
- A museum creates a permanent exhibition catalog and offers it for licensing to travel agencies and hotels, so they can use it in their own promotion.

By trying out this demo, you'll gain first-hand experience with the procedure and the results your users will enjoy if you let them distribute your content with their contact information embedded.

PDF2Go.Club fees starts at $99/year for creative content authors, and $299/year for promotional material distributors. This includes the initial setup and use of the PDF branding service for a period of one year, per PDF (some restrictions apply).
Feel free to contact us to discuss options without obligation.